spinNwin Does the Lead
Prospecting you Hate Doing

We do it better, faster, and at greater scale. Plus, it’s the work we love.

Cut through the noise and get your customer's attention!
Watch our 90 second video to find out how

At spinNwin, we have created and implemented 71 campaigns for massive companies like Toyota and Mazda in Australia. We studied the behaviour of leads closely.  And only about 10% of people will open the email, click on the hyperlink, and that’s when you lost them. This market behaviour fuelled us to build a winning system with a 70-80% conversion rate.

With spinNwin, we handle your campaign management from Start to SALES! The GOLDEN key is our fun and engaging Spin N Win with automated appointment and real-time log system.  It saves you time and effort, so you can focus on winning. We do it better and faster. Plus, it’s the work we love. YOUR WINS IS OUR BUSINESS!

Content Creation

We send you an all encompassing live project sheet to complete.

Analysis & Planning

We analyze & advise based on previous successful campaigns.

Design & Development

We design and develop an all encompassing fully branded and customized campaign for your approval.

Campaign Launch

We GO LIVE and start “spinning and winning” for YOU with your agreed launch dates.

Leads & Traffic Generation

Your database & in-store leads then play and engage generating your leads traffic.

Confirmed Appointments

We capture and record your spins and appointments to be confirmed by YOU!

Rewards & Referrals

All your leads have the option to push on their rewards as referrals to friends and family! Adding even more new leads into the mix!

Real-Time Log

Our data log is real-time! If someone spins and sets an appointment, you get a notification so you can act straight away!

Automated Report

Plus our reporting is automated! You’ll see who has been spinning and winning, along with an inbuilt CRM system making it easy for the team to track and monitor all activity.
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