Relying solely on referrals is not enough.

Use spinNwin to strategically showcase your expertise and engage target prospects.

Sales Pitch is Fun

We don’t guess. We know how to excite prospects about your products with fun & attention-getter spinNwin. Such a fun interactive way to get you customer to play, appoint & WIN!

Easy to Use

Our automated lead capture system identifies real prospects and book advanced appointment before handing off to you. So you can do what you do best – SELL, SELL, SELL!

Flexible Reporting

Once appointment is made, we capture the details and can either provide you with this information in real time for follow up OR set a daily report to you and your team for follow up purposes.


100% results guarantee!! Our guarantee is that if we don’t get you 50+ automated appointments to follow up that your next campaign will be free of charge! Terms & conditions apply please request these prior to making a booking* 

spinNwin is here to help you

A lot of dealers these days are struggling to stand out from the crowd when marketing their sales events, and do the exact same thing they always do, which is also the exact same thing their competitors do.

The spinNwin team is laser-focused on what we believe to be the lifeblood of a great agency… get your customer’s attention! While prospecting has never topped the favorites list of any creative agency, it shouldn’t be an afterthought either. Alas, prospecting is hard, monotonous work that gets in the way of creative genius.

spinNwin is here to change that. We love what we do, which makes delivering something our creative clients will love that much easier.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Albert Einstein


Client data base to be no less than five thousand clients, data to be two to six years of age, data must be clean and not mined in last six months. If claiming free campaign to be lesser to equal value of data clients. *

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